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Mural at Skjærgårds
Music and Mission festival

In July 2022 I painted this colourful mural for a music festival at Risøya, Norway. The wall was 6,25 meters wide and 3,75 meters tall. For the first two days I painted while it was laid down. On the third morning we moved it to the right location and raised it up. This was a great experience, and would not have been the same without all my great helpers. 

- Foto-Haakon Sundbo - 3.jpg

Photo credit: Haakon Sundbø

risøya+bildeserie_10 - Emma Moen Kristensen.jpg
risøya+bildeserie_11 - Emma Moen Kristensen.jpg

Photo credit: Emma Moen Kristensen


Finished after three intense days.

unnamed (4) - 01 kopi25.jpg
unnamed (4) - 01 kopi5.jpg

From start to finish.

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