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Hi! My name is Karoline and I love to draw.


I like to create surreal scenes and characters, and use bright colours and humour in my work. What fascinates me is how a blank page can turn into a story, provoke thoughts and emotions, and inspire.


I am open for hire and collaboration on projects. If you have an idea you think I'd be interested in, email me, and we can have a non-binding talk. I've previously made picture book illustrations, editorial illustrations, murals, brochures, album covers, posters, and other fun things. I like to work on quick projects, where I solve a problem in a fun, interesting or visually beautiful way. And I love to work with themes, characters and visuals that are mystical, fantastical and colourful. 


There's always a pencil involved. I sketch by hand, and with few exceptions finish the actual drawing by hand. Then I sometimes colour it using paint like gouache or watercolour, before I adjust and add colour digitally. Although this is my most used method, I also experiment with other formats and mediums. 


To illustrate stories in a way that captures attention and evolves imagination for those who read it. To learn how to animate so my illustrations can come alive. To create something BIG, like a mural on a building. To write stories that changes peoples lives. To be friendly and help positivity grow in this world. To create something that will make strangers meet - so that less people feel lonely. 


studied for my Masters in Visual Communication at Birmingham City University, specialising in illustration. For my Master project I wrote and illustrated a book called All The Things. My undergrad is in Art and Communication, where I did one year of illustration in Birmingham through Erasmus. Later I've completed a course around Digital Media, learning a bit of app design, e-book design, 3D and animation. I'm also a certified arts teacher. 


Because of the great response I've had when creating things I enjoy I've decided to make a website to sell some of my art. In my shop you will find high quality giclée prints of my Digital Graphic Art work. Meaning the drawings that I make, that are finished digitally (i.e. coloured in, put together or adjusted, typically in Photoshop). 

All my prints are numbered and signed, and produced in a limited amount. This means when each product sell out the same exact image won't be made in the same exact way again. This forces me to always create something new! 

Occasionally, I will sell some originals too. The original artwork is always so precious to me, and whenever I choose to sell or give one away, I hope it will bring inspiration and joy in a new home. 

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